The Ark Project: Love For Haiti


The Ark Project: Love For Haiti is an educationally focused initiative in Haiti, that offers higher education scholarships to Haitian youth. Co-Founded by Maryanne Fike in response to the devastating earthquake in 2010, Love For Haiti seeks to support Haitian youth who show dedication and passion towards making long standing and positive impact in their communities, by providing scholarships for university and college programs. We believe that education is the foundation of any healthy and vibrant community, and that each student, given the opportunity, has the power and capability to use their knowledge for the betterment of the world.  

Love For Haiti also works closely alongside the Mona Foundation and the Anis Zunuzi Baha'i School near Port-Au-Prince, providing support in the Art Program, Music Program, and Teacher Training Courses. 

We are a team of individuals based in Haiti and the USA, with big visions for humanity! 100% of Love For Haiti's scholarships and initiatives are funded through fundraising efforts and events in our local communities. 

[A Special Thank You to Benjamin Weisman and Nick Wingate for producing and directing "Love For Haiti", a documentary following the Love For Haiti team on a trip to Haiti in 2015]