Report on Medical Mission to Haiti Team #3, April 8-12, 2010


Maryanne Fike    (organizer, builder)

Pouya Azar         (4th year Med student)

Mark Freehill       (builder)

Alex Williams      (filmmaker)


Although small in number, this trip was very productive.  

Projects undertaken:

Primary Care Clinic was held at Anis Zunuzi Baha’I School from April 6-8.   A total of 413 patients 

were treated.  


We hired (4) Haitian Doctors from PIH for our clinic

Construction of 12  transitional homes in local tent cities

Construction of Nura dome on the Anis Zunuzi school grounds for school use

Construction of temporary PVC school built on AZ grounds (not completed)

Local Community Involvement:

Arrangements were made once again for us to pitch our tents on the school grounds.  Breakfast and 

dinner were prepared by the loving AZ staff as well as translators and transportation to and from the 



Insights gained during this trip:

What worked:

Having a home base at AZ school

Working with local community leaders (work with the community at large) Florintino /architect and the 

various presidents of the tent cities

Constructing the shelters in the tent cities nearby AZ School.

Coordinating with AZ staff in advance

Having Haitian physician involvement 

Having a Pharmacist and assistant run the Pharmacy

What did not work:

Buying materials in PAP.  (5 mile drives took 3 hours out of our schedule).  It is better to buy in 

advance and have the materials delivered prior to our arrival.


Going forward:

Various water treatment projects are underway

Support in transitional and permanent housing requirements for the tent cities surrounding the AZ school

Finish construction of the PVC school building 

Establish (2) Medical Clinics; Anis Zunuzi School in Lilivois and New Horizons school in Titayan (staffed 

with Haitian doctors and our medical team)

Teach and work alongside local Haitian communities building transitional homes

Instruct the proper use and care of the Jackhammer with an accompanying business plan for  (4-5) 

individuals to have a business.

Primary care clinic at the orphanage in Petyonville .  

Arrange for rotating schedule of volunteers to serve at the clinics 

Arrange for Haitian doctors to work with us at these clinics every time

Teach a team of youth volunteers to care for other community members basic health, first aid and 

mental health